The data, visualizations, and interpretations presented on insiderviz are not financial advice in any way, shape, or form.

Data Source

The insider trade data presented on insiderviz all comes from the SEC itself. Data is retrieved from the EDGAR API or RSS feed, then parsed and saved to our servers. We do not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any data presented. The data is susceptible to filing errors from SEC and while we have checks in place to ensure that many incorrect forms are filtered out, we cannot get all of them. We will be adding a report feature at a later date.


The data provided by insiderviz is without warranty. As stated above we do not guarantee the quality or accuracy and you use the data at your own risk. We do however provide the link to the filling for all forms so you can check the data.

Intellectual Property

insiderviz is owned and operated by Matterhorn Studios LLC. All code, graphics, logos, and domains are the property of Matterhorn Studios LLC. The data on this site may not be scrapped, copied, or collected for commercial use.

Beta Software

insiderviz is a brand new product (launched June of 2022) and is still in very active development. New features are constantly being added and bugs are constantly being addressed.

Data Collection

The only data collected on insiderviz is collected by Google Ads and Analytics information about this can be found on their website.